ANNOUNCING: HALF OFF ALL ADOPTION FEES FOR THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER! Second Stride has so much to be thankful for this month, including all of our wonderful adopters! MANY THANKS!

OCTOBER 2015: Check out this webcast with our board member Paul Rutherford on Derby Wars >>

Paul comments, "Derby Wars is a contest site where players pay a fee, make picks on certain races and the winner gets a cash prize. For last Wednesday's contest, they had a broadcast folks could watch while playing the game. They had me on to talk about Second Stride and adoptions. Two of their winning players from previous weeks had donated a large part of their winnings to us, so I got to thank them personally for the horses they helped."

Thanks to the pledges from Derby Wars players we have been able to bring in and assist retiring racing War Horses like "Paroled" and "Night Party", and with the ongoing support of Derby Wars we are planning to help many more! They are hosting a special matching $20 pledge game on Thursday November 12th!

Visit Derby Wars at >>

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