Second Stride Inc. Would like to give humble thanks to: The Patricia Neils Boulter Memorial Fund. This donation will enable us to reach out to more horses in need and provide much needed program resources during our winter season, when inclement and severe weather causes the highest need and expenses for our program, and fundraisers are not active until spring.

Patricia Neils Boulter was among many things, an avid equestrian with a love for horses, art and dressage. Her son generously made this donation a possibility for our horses. Thank you Ed!
Announcing: "HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!" - 1/2 off all of our adoptable horses, now through the 1st of January! You must be an approved applicant to come out and see available horses, so get your applications in and approved!

We are hoping this will inspire any of you not wanting to brave the cold or thinking to wait out the winter for your new partner. There are lots of things to do in the winter to bond with your new horse and be really ready to hit the trails as a team come spring! AVAILABLE HORSES >>

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